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Accommodation in Berlin


We’ll find you something suitable.

Whether you want to stay with a host family, a hostel, or a hotel, we believe that students’ satisfaction with their accommodation arrangements is, after the quality of the language school itself, the most important criteria for a successful language course.

Most students don’t have a big budget for their stay. If that’s the case, staying with a host family or taking a room in a shared apartment are the most economical options. Low-cost hostels are often perfect for groups and school classes. There are a lot of apartments in Berlin that you can rent for short periods and if you’re looking for something for a longer term or something very luxurious there are plenty of options.

Let us know what you’re after and we’ll find it for you.

Hotel Britzer Tor!

Buchen Sie direkt beim Hotel und legen Sie Ihren Schülerausweis vor und sichern Sie sich als Schüler der deutSCHule 10% auf den regulären Preis. Book directly at the hotel and show your student card of the deutSCHule to save 10% on the regular price.
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Hotel Britzer Tor


Unsere Schüler bekommen einen Discount von 30 Euro bei einer Buchung ab 100 Euro!

WIMDU Unterkunft


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