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Our Terms and Conditions

By paying the course fees, the student accepts our terms and conditions automatically.

Bought books are not returnable! 



If classes cannot take place due to force majeure die deutSCHule is not liable and will not grant any compensation. Students participate at their own risk. The participants are directly and immediately liable to the aggrieved party for any damages caused by them. The students are responsible for sufficient coverage of medical, personal liability and accident insurance, during all school activities, taking place outside the school grounds.



The registration for a language course is valid as soon as the participant receives a written confirmation from die deutSCHule.

The registration for a course with an open contract (=starting date can be postponed, changed etc. No place reservation has been made) is valid for a maximum 12 months from the date of payment. This type of contract is only possible for students, who apply for visa in their home country. Upon expiration of this term any fees paid, as well as the right to cancel, are forfeited.

All other contracts (with a fixed starting date and a place reservation) have the duration and exact starting date specified in the contract. If a student does not arrive by this date and misses classes, there will be no refund


Booking a course and changing reservations

To book a course the participant is required to fill out the online registration form or do the registration on the spot in the school office. The availability of the place will be confirmed by the school registrar. The reservation will be binding for both parties only if the advance payment of the school fees has been made.

If the student’s arrival has been delayed, the participant must inform die deutSCHule a minimum of 14 days prior to their course starting day. If the minimum number of participants in a course is not reached the course can be postponed.

The deadline for any contract changes or refund of the school fees is 14 days before the class begins.

The students may change their course or course time on condition that there is enough capacity in another course. Furthermore any changes of the course attendance need to be agreed beforehand with the office of die deutSCHule.

Once a payment has been made, pausing your course during the payment period is not possible.

Transferring the already paid school fees to another person is not possible.

If a student registers less than 14 days prior to the course start date, postponement, cancellation or refund is not possible.

Each change costs 9€.


Holiday regulation

No classes will be held on weekends as well as on public holidays of the Federal Land Berlin. Should a public holiday fall on a workday, this shall not affect payment and does not entitle to compensation or refund.


Notice of right to cancel


The student has the right to cancel the contract (only in a written form), not later than 14 days before the course begins. The school fees will then be reimbursed, die deutSCHule will withhold 50€ administration fee and 12% of the course fees, when booked inlands and 19% when booked abroad.  All documents (visa support letters, the receipt of payment, etc.) issued to the participant, by die deutSCHule, as well as the original refusal letter, have to be returned in original form to the school office within the period of 12 months starting from the date of issue. Upon expiration of this term any fees paid, as well as the right to cancel, are forfeited.

As an institution we can’t send invitations. This can only be done by private persons.

If a student decides not to apply for visa, it is his/her obligation to get a document from the German Embassy, stating, that no visa application has been done. Without valid documentation of the German Embassy a refund will be impossible.

For students allowed to stay in Germany for no longer than 90 days:

The school contract may be cancelled and fees reimbursed, if enrollment documents were not used for visa extension. However the valid and paid return ticket must be presented in the office.

In case of not starting a previously booked course or premature termination of such, the complete amount of school fees will be forfeited.

No fees will be returned, when the participant is not able to attend the course due to illness, accident, early departure or any other reason.


Course schedule changes or cancellation by the school management

The school reserves the right to determine or change the course date /hour or teacher. Where the cancellation or postponement of courses is unavoidable due to technical reasons, the entire course fees paid will be reimbursed. In case of absence of a teacher due to his/her illness, a substitute teacher will be organized from the second day onwards at the latest.


Visa and residence permit

Should the student be required to have a visa for Germany, the full course fees need to be paid in advance.

In case the student has received or was granted the visa for studying purposes (by using our documents). Change of residence or choice of another language school will not be accepted as a reason of cancellation or refund.

Only after having received the payment, die deutSCHule will send all documents to the address given in the registration form. Students can request the original visa support letters be sent by express courier (at a surcharge of 70€).

The participant is solely responsible to ensure that his/her stay in Germany is legal and that he/she has been granted the required entry/residence permit and/or visa.



Upon final registration confirmation, the course fees have to be paid in advance. Bank charges for foreign bank transfers are to be borne entirely by the student.


Extension/Termination of the contract

The contract is automatically prolonged after any subsequent payments are made (for the period the payment refers to).

Our School and House Rules

The school and house rules of die deutSCHule regulate the cooperation of all parties involved in the operative working of the school, beyond those already stipulated by the law, so that everyone within the school can feel at ease. This is made possible by adherence to a set of rules which determine rights and responsibilities. Considerateness of others and a willingness to help shall be recognised by all parties involved as a requirement for a good school atmosphere.


§1 Scope/Property rights

1. The school and house rules apply to all persons within the school premises.

2. The property rights are exercised by the management of die deutSCHule.

3. Should management be absent or otherwise hindered, school administration or expert supervision shall stand in.


§2 General objectives and code of conduct

1. In die deutSCHule the dignity of all parties involved is to be respected. Neither teachers nor students nor parents, as well as all others who belong to the school community, must have their physical or psychological integrity endangered, injured, or violated. Ostracism, intolerance and verbal abuse are not tolerated by us.

2. Bringing of dangerous items or materials into the school, which in nature or content are considered defamatory towards a third party on the basis of their skin colour, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, is forbidden.

3. The principle of accountability is demanded of everyone, both for his/her action or inaction. Property of die deutSCHule is to be treated sensibly and with care, as is the property of others. S/he who dirties, damages or destroys something, must answer for the damages. Cases of willful property damage or serious defilement will be prosecuted against.

4. Every user of our internet connection is obligated to respect online conventions (“Netiquette”), not to compromise the security and/or functionality of any system, and not to attempt to break into the network of die deutSCHule or any other network. All users are obligated to follow all applicable local, national, and, where appropriate, international laws as well as to respect guidelines and/or directives.

5. Visitors to our school are to sign in at the front desk.

6. Severe transgression of the school and house rules can result in students being excluded and banned from the premises without compensation.

7. Any criminal acts or other summary offences will be prosecuted.


§3 Lessons und Breaks

1. Lessons begin daily at 9.15 am. The office is open from 9.00 am. Lessons end at 8.15 pm. The office closes at 7pm.

2. Lesson breaks take place at 10.45 am, 2.45 pm, and 6.30 pm, and each lasts for 15 minutes.

3. The teacher is to arrive punctually for lessons, and, when appropriate, explain his/her lateness. Should a teacher still not be present 5 minutes after the beginning of a lesson, students are to inform the front desk.

4. All students are obligated to arrive punctually for their lessons. In cases of delays of 15 minutes or more, students can first join the class after the break.

5. Cover lessons count as lesson hours too. The school prepares itself for cover lessons and lesson cancellations as regards content.

6. During lessons, the use of electronic devices by students, such as mobile phones, computers, media players, is not permitted when their use does not exclusively serve the purpose of the lesson and, in addition, has not been approved by the teacher of the lesson.

7. The consumption of food and drink in the classrooms is, as a matter of principle, not permitted.