Karl-Marx-Straße 107, 12043 Berlin, Tel: +49 (0)30 6808 5223

Language School for German in Berlin-Neukölln

This district is booming like nowhere else.

die deutSCHule is located right in the middle of Neukölln. Actually, a language school couldn’t be more centrally situated - we’re on the much-loved Karl-Marx-Straße, only 200 metres from the Rathaus Neukölln U-Bahn station.

Neukölln is totally multicultural: 39% of the people in the area come from a non-German background so whatever part of the world you come from, you’ll be welcomed here. At the moment Berlin’s oldest quarter is blossoming again. Whether you’re interested in theatre, music, cafes, bars, clubs, design, arts, cinema, shopping and/or die deutSCHule, Neukölln is more attractive than ever.

Berlin-Neukölln has so much to offer... and our students reap the benefits.