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Indywidualne rozwiązania na życzenie!

Indywidualne rozwiązania dopasowane do Twoich życzeń

Jeżeli interesują Cię kursy indywidualne, kursy dla firm,kursy letnie w ramach pełnej oferty, łącznie z transportem i zakwaterowaniem,usługi tłumaczeniowe lub kursy ekstra dla małych grup, to Die deutSCHule zprzyjemnością wyjdzie naprzeciw Twoim oczekiwaniom. 

Indiwidualnie lekcje niemieckiego w Berlinie: One-to-One

A One-to-One Course is the right choice if you need flexibility in the way you manage your time, are interested in choosing the content of the class yourself, and wish to optimise your potential for making progress. The course is tailored to your individual needs. Contact us for more details.

Kursy niemieckiego dla firm

Our special service for companies, institutions, embassies etc: customised language classes, on-site in your office or at our premises in Neukölln. die deutSCHule can provide classes to your staff in German, English and Spanish that are individually tailored to the needs of your company. These bespoke classes are ideal for people with a full schedule who require a lot of flexibility with their class times and want to see results quickly.

Kursy językowe letnie

You’ll learn German intensively on our summer courses, but you’ll also have fun and you’ll be able to use what you learn in the real world. And your real life practice starts with our daily Leisure and Culture Programme!

Oferta nauki w Berlinie dla grup szkolnych i gimnazjalnych

This package is ideal for schools from abroad that, in the context of a school trip to Germany, want to deepen their students’ knowledge of German. die deutSCHule not only offers courses designed for your particular class, but also numerous programmes through which your students can get to know Berlin and practice their new German language skills. Please contact us - we’ll tailor a package specifically to suit your needs.

Kompletny pakiet usług dla klas szkolnych (gimnazjum, liceum) i dla grup studenckih. Specjalna ofetrta letnia dla nauczycieli niemieckiego!

Our Complete Package is the comfortable way to organise a language learning trip. You tell us what you have in mind and we’ll organise the rest: travel to and from, and accommodation in Berlin - and, of course, classes tailored specifically for you or your group. Contact us, commitment free, and we‘ll help you design a programme that will meet your needs.

Lekcje dodatkowe niemieckiego

jeżeli potrzebujesz dodatkowego treningu językowego, zorganizujemy dla Ciebie dodatkowe lekcje indywidualne.