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Language School in Berlin

Learn anything you want to!

If you’re in Berlin and want to learn German - there’s no better place to study than die deutSCHule. Whether you’re a beginner or a very advanced student, we offer tailored, high quality courses - at low prices. Whether you prefer to study in the morning, the afternoon or the evening, you choose - we’re open all day. Whether you’re interested in an Integration Course or in studying German as a Foreign Language; whether you want to take a course in German literacy, grammar, conversation, or in another language; whether you want one-on-one classes or a group lesson at your office for the staff of your company - at die deutSCHule nothing is a problem. No wonder then that our students are always smiling.

Do you live abroad?

Are you interested in studying in Germany and want to prepare for your university course? We’ll help you organise your stay in Berlin. Our experienced staff can advise you on a variety of issues including, for example, visa requirements. Anyone who requires a visa needs written confirmation from a recognised school stating that they will travel to Germany to study there. Whether you need a Student or a Language Learning Visa, we’ll issue you with the appropriate certification to satisfy the requirements of the German Embassy and /or the Foreigners’ Registration Authority (Ausländerbehörde) in Germany.