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Learn German in Berlin

Learn German for life, not just for school.

Learn German in Berlin! Our friendly, motivated and engaged teachers provide you with the German language skills you need for everyday situations and, as appropriate, for your studies, business life and for any exams you’re preparing for. In our German Courses there’s a maximum of 18 students in each class. Reading, listening, writing, oral expression and pronunciation are the foundations on which every course is built. In the relaxed atmosphere of die deutSCHule you’ll learn communication skills, grammar and the writing skills you need. All of which means... you’ll learn effectively at die deutSCHule in Berlin-Neukölln!

Language classes you’ll enjoy

Our teachers know how to make language learning fun - namely through communicative learning situations in which you can practice grammar and conversation in an enjoyable atmosphere. We use up to date textbooks which we supplement with our own material. Students constantly improve their writing skills, oral expression, pronunciation and vocabulary, and progress is continuously assessed. Every student is placed in a course appropriate to his or her level so the learning potential of every class is maximised.