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Take a German Course in a Language School in Berlin

Choose the German course that is right for you.

die deutSCHule specializes in offering first class German classes. Whether it’s  German as a Foreign Language Course or one of our Special German courses, conversation course, you’ll learn what you need (and more) at die deutSCHule. Courses in English and Spanish as well as a variety of additional services round out our offering. You can start with a beginners A1 course, and go up to intermediate, upper-intermediate and finish up with advanced C1.

German as a Foreign Language

You can start any time - even tomorrow! Whether you want to come in the morning, the afternoon or the evening: all our courses cost the same. You decide how long you want your course to be - even just a week or two is fine. The longer you book for, the cheaper it becomes. You can see how much you’ll save by downloading our price list on the bottom.