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Special German Courses in Berlin

We have a German course for your particular needs

Some people can already speak German, but want to improve their German grammar or their ability to converse fluently. All our foreign students feel the benefits in their lives from the courses they take at die deutSCHule. Try us out! The first lesson is free!

German Grammar Course

The ideal German course for foreigners, whose spoken German is at B1 level and who want to refresh their German grammar. There’ll be plenty of speaking and writing practice and, through role-playing varied, everyday communicative situations, we’ll work on the most important grammar points of the German language.

Duration: 4 weeks, 8 h* / week
Prices:4 weeks 148,- €

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German Conversation Course
Bsp. Arbeitsbuch
Bsp. Arbeitsbuch

If your German is at B2 level or higher, but perhaps a bit rusty, this course will get you back into the rhythm of the German language. Through conversation in German, discussion and through role-playing everyday situations, you’ll refresh your communication skills.

Duration: 5 weeks, 12 h* / week (tue, wed, thu )
Prices: 5 weeks 224,- €

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TestDaF - Preparatory Course

Übersicht und Infos zu TestDaF @ die deutSCHule!

In order to pass the TestDaF (German as a Foreign Language) Exam, you’ll need an advanced level of German - at least equivalent to average competence after completion of the B2 level. This course provides a thorough preparation. You’ll learn the necessary vocabulary and familiarise yourself with the different parts of the exam. We’ll teach you successful exam technique and you’ll practice on sample papers in realistic conditions. External students can also take the test with us.

Mehr Information:

Duration: 5 weeks, 20 h* / week
Prices: 5 weeks 378,- €

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* 1 class hour = 45 minutes
Please note that, as is standard in German schools, 45 minutes is considered 1 class hour.