German A2 course

You already have a basic knowledge of German and want to move on to the

A2 German course in Berlin

… For all beginners who enjoy the German language, there is our German A2 course.

Not sure if you are at level German A2 or maybe already at level B1? Here you can find our short placement video:

A2 German: Discover more possibilities in Berlin

Deutschkurs A2 –It’s now or never (later does not count)!

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We all have dreams and wishes – and that is exactly what German A2 is all about, both in terms of content and grammar. Because the subjunctive – with magical phrases like “If I could, I would…” and “Hätte, hätte, Fahrradkette…” – is on the A2 German programme in Berlin. Talk to your classmates about your plans for the future or tell them what you did on your last holiday. Whether in the past or in the present, the topics in our deutSCHule German course A2 remain close to everyday life: sport, job, culture and – very importantly – food. And who hasn’t been longing to finally be able to speak in German about the terrible traffic situation in Berlin?

Eight weeks in the German A2 balloon

Our German A2 course is also an intensive course that after eight weeks will reward you with an internationally-recognised A2 German certificate if you decide to take the final exam. In the 20 school lessons that are scheduled every week from Monday to Friday, you and a maximum of 17 classmates will gradually go through the 12 lessons of the textbook Netzwerk. Deutsch als Fremdsprache A2 (Klett-Verlag). The homework helps you to practice and reinforce what you have learned in the German course A2.

Learn German A2 Berlin; teacher Adrian in a lesson

As in A1, our highly-motivated and professionally-trained teachers in the German A2 course pay particular attention to making sure that all communication in the classroom takes place in German. And of course, we promise you that after the eight weeks you will say to yourself: “If I had known how much fun German is, I would have started much earlier!”

Talk to me in German! - on an A2 Level

An important new element compared to A1: from now on you have to deal more and more with authentic texts such as newspaper clippings. This allows you to expand your vocabulary with interesting words that are common in Germany, as well as everyday phrases that you can use when talking to your fellow students, neighbours or flatmates in Berlin. In the German A2 course you will also get to know other important sentence-building possibilities and get a feeling for using the language in a goal-oriented way. After all, you want to get beyond the mini sentences of the A1 course eventually. And to be able to express feelings, German grammar is an important tool. Because although “Ich liebe Dir” may sound a little funny, it rarely leads to “We love each other.”

Language level German A2

In the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages A2 German stands for basic language skills. This means that you will expand your vocabulary to include things and topics from your everyday life and immediate environment and will be able to communicate in familiar, everyday situations. You can talk about yourself in simple sentences and ask for precise information. Your grammar toolbox will be extended accordingly and will enable you to make more differentiated statements.

Furthermore, German A2 can be divided into the language levels A2.1 and A2.2. Did you already take a German A2 course a long time ago, but feel a bit rusty? Then maybe German A2.2 would be the right starting point for you.

Info about our A2 German intensive course

8 weeks
20 lessons per week

course times:
09.15 – 12.30
13.15 – 16.30
17.00 – 20.15

A2 German Certificate after Exam (CEFR)

287€ (4 weeks)
574€ (8 weeks)

86€ Exam (CEFR) internal students
126€ Exam (CEFR) external students