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C1 German Course in Berlin

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With a C1 German course, you can finally reach the language level you need for your career at a German-speaking university, or for any professional career, and a carefree life in Berlin and Germany.

Not sure whether German C1 or B2 is the right level for you? Here you can find our short placement video:

C1 German: the royal class in Berlin

German course C1 – and then on to university!

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C1 German – which, first and foremost, means: discussions at an advanced C1 language level, deepening grammatical phenomena and the production and analysis of texts about abstract matters. Does that sound scary? It doesn’t have to be. A German C1 course, in Berlin especially, is possibly the most interesting course you can attend. It deals, for example, with personal and collective memories, globalisation and the protection of the environment. Moreover, you will get to know and understand German dialects. Even in the C1 German course, German is by no means the same as German. And maybe you will discover that you – in contrast to the majority of Germans – actually find Saxon quite charming! Of course, you will deal with all of these topics in writing. But there are also longer oral presentations and social excursions on the programme of the German C1 course in Berlin.

German C1 - keeping its promises

The devil is sometimes in Berlin, but more often in the details. Which is why you will be spending a whole eleven weeks in our C1 German course. With the support of your teacher, your small class will eventually get to the bottom of all the German linguistic subtleties. During each of these eleven weeks of German C1, you will have 16 school hours over four days, so that none of the lessons you have learned will have the slightest chance of slipping away. But before you get German C1 language nightmares, there will be a breather on the weekends – unless, of course, you have put off your homework until then. Your roadmap for learning German C1 will be based on the ten lessons of the textbook Aspekte – neu. C1 from Klett-Verlag.

Learn German C1 Berlin; student standing on a rooftop of Berlin

To round off your German course-taking career, you can obtain an internationally-recognised certificate for German C1 by taking an exam at the end of the course. Or does your path lead you further on towards studying in Berlin or at another German university? Then the next stations could also be known as telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule or TestDaF.

C1 German: speaking is silver - writing is gold!

C1 German focuses on the written expression. The goal is a written German that is as error-free and varied as possible. Needless to say, this is a very important matter, not least with regard to the university. Therefore, you will encounter a lot of tasks in the C1 German course where you will be asked to write down, summarise or comment on things you have just seen or heard. But of course, we will pay attention to all of the other language areas as well during the German C1 course in Berlin. Further technical terms will help you to improve your vocabulary for listening and reading comprehension, and of course, impromptu speaking will continue to be trained in class. The grammar you have learned so far will be deepened and expanded so that you will learn to use your German more and more independently.

Language level German C1

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, C1 German enables you to understand and use implicit and nuanced meanings of words and expressions. You will be enabled to adapt your language to your environment and your comprehensive vocabulary will ensure that you rarely have to search for words. Even demanding texts with complex grammar structures will no longer be a major obstacle for you.

Furthermore, our German C1 course in Berlin can be divided into German C1.1, C1.2 and C1.3. So if you already took a shorter C1 course or just want to refresh your C1 knowledge from a few months ago, then C1.2 or even C1.3 might be the right place to start for you.

Information about our C1 German intensive course from January 2024 (Tuesday - Friday)

12 weeks
16 lessons per week

Course times:
09.15 – 12.30
13.15 – 16.30
17.00 – 20.15

C1 German Certificate after Exam (CEFR)

279€ (4 weeks)
767€ (11 weeks)

96€ Exam (CEFR) internal students
136€ Exam (CEFR) external students