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Online German as a Foreign Language Course

Thanks to Corona, now your German Course is coming to you!

We will start offering online courses immediately. On the 14th of March, the government in Berlin decided that, due to the pandemic, we would have to stop offering courses in person until at least April 19th. We are naturally doing so, but our courses live on! We will, as of now, be offering German courses online for the duration of our closing and afterwards. Because we know that life goes on, the work of die deutSChule will continue. Your teacher is currently digitizing their lesson plans and other analog learning materials. Your online German course will be almost exactly like your regular German course. And you can be sure that as soon as we have defeated Corona, we will be holding courses in die deutSCHule once more.

Intensive German courses online - the Steady Road to Success

Virus Free: Guaranteed

German classes work best in person, that is clear. In certain cases, however, that is impossible. Due to the Corona Virus, die deutSChule will now be offering our beloved German course online. We have been specializing in German as a Foreign Language courses for nearly 10 years, and furthermore we have had extensive experience with online courses. If you want to take a German course online, you have an internet connection, and you are interested in professionally run courses, then you are in the right place with die deutSCHule!

All German Language Levels Online: from A1 to C1

In our Online German Course you get what you need!

It doesn’t matter whether you are A1 or C1 –you will be able to learn everything you need online. You can start at any time, and take classes for as long as you choose. Do you maybe have 2 weeks to start a beginners German course online, since you are working from home? No problem, in our A1 online German Course you can do exactly that. Or are you looking to prepare for one of the university-level DaF tests and need to brush up on your skills? Then our C1 German course online is perfect for you.

Online German Course instead of Quarantine Fever

Take a German Online Course and Fight against Boredom

Our experienced and highly motivated teachers have prepared entertaining, exciting and most importantly, incredibly effective German courses online for you. You will be working on all relevant parts of learning a language in small groups, with the convenience of doing it from home. Whether you are looking for help in speaking, writing, listening, reading or grammar; our online German course can help. The course times are based around our current course schedule, but please be aware that the online German course is not shorter than our regular 180 minute course. The course is just as exciting but more concentrated, so we are requiring people to take some breaks between the units to rest their eyes and regain energy. This way, we can be sure to prevent headaches and that our students are energized and ready to learn as effectively as possible.

And you will definitely be needing that energy! In comparison to the standard, automatic teaching videos on streaming services, you are required to actively participate in die deutSCHule’s online German course. Sitting in the back of the class is so yesterday—beat the quarantine boredom with an online German course.

Your Daily Online German Course

Less Hours, More Efficiency

In principle, the difference between an in-person German course and online German course isn’t so big. Of course it is much nicer to learn German with other students. But you will also be able to meet your goal of learning and conquering professional German by taking an online German course with us. Our in-person classes take place 5 days a week, with 4 teaching units each and a 15 minute break. Our online German courses also take place from Monday to Friday. Each lesson begins with a refresher segment—you will be going over the grammar concepts from the homework and reinforcing what was taught the day before. After that you will learn about new and exciting topics while continuing to train your language acquisition skills. Then your teacher will provide you with lots of material to practice these concepts, so that you can thoroughly prepare yourself in peace for the next exciting day of your online German course.