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At deutSCHule, we’ve created the “Perfect Online German Course” that you can join from anywhere. Despite challenges, we’ve found that learning German online works really well. That’s why we’re now offering all our German classes online, as well as in person. Our teachers have moved all our materials online, so it’s easy for you to learn. And our online classes have some cool extras that make learning even better. You’ll get the same great teaching quality you expect from deutSCHule, just online. Join us and improve your German skills from home!

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A German language course works best in a classroom setting. That we know. However, some circumstances sometimes make participation in person impossible. The deutSCHule offers online German courses running successfully with participants from all over the world. There are many reasons that may make an online German course necessary:

Some people need their German language skills certified at A1 level before they can be granted a German Residency Permit. For cases such as this one, an online German course is an excellent option. You can start learning German in your home country and then continue your studies at the deutSCHule in Berlin.

If you have to leave Berlin for a few weeks for work or private reasons, but you don’t want to miss your German lessons. With our online German courses, you will be able to take your German lessons with you on your trip. Whether in Berlin-Neukölln or anywhere else in the world, the deutSCHule will accompany you and your learning process professionally and reliably.

All German levels online from A1 to C1

In our online German course, you will get what you need

We have been specialising in teaching German as a foreign language for almost 10 years. If you would like to learn German online, if you have internet access, and if you are interested in starting a professional German language course, then the deutSCHule is the right place for you. You won’t see pixelated livestreams during one of our online German courses – you’ll instead find a specially designed interactive learning experience. Our teachers have received extensive training in teaching in front of the camera. Our online German courses are not just held on YouTube – you are actively involved, as only this way we can guide you towards achieving your learning goals. And if you have prepared yourself for life in Germany with one of our online German courses, and you then end up in Berlin, we will be very happy to welcome you in one of our classroom courses at the deutSCHule.

No matter whether your level is A1 or C1 – in our online German course you will learn everything you need. You can join in at any time and participate for as long as you like. Are you currently working at home with some more free time over the next two weeks, and you’d like to use this time to start a beginner’s German course? No problem. In the A1 Online German Course you can do just that. Or would you like to prepare for a university entry exam and want to hone your skills? Then the C1 Online German Course is perfect for you. If you want to take part in a German course over the internet, it doesn’t matter what level you are at. The deutSCHule offers the right German online course for every level of German.

Online German Courses

Fight boredom by starting an online German course

Our experienced and highly motivated teachers offer entertaining, exciting and, above all, highly effective German courses online. In small groups you will train all the relevant language skills. Whether you want to improve speaking, writing, listening, reading or grammar – the online German courses at the deutSCHule offer a comprehensive teaching programme. The course times are based around our current classroom course schedule, but please be aware that the online German courses also last 180 minutes a day, with a short break between the teaching units. An online German course is just as exciting as an analogue one, but after each lesson we all take a short break to give our eyes a chance to relax.

Ganz einfach

Don't overthink it

This way we can prevent headaches, and to make sure that you are full of energy to keep learning effectively. And you will need the energy! Compared to passively binge-watching TV series online, the online German course at the deutSCHule requires you to be an active participant. Coasting at the back of the classroom is old news. The new thing is replacing quarantine frustration with an online German course.