Your German Course, Berlin and You

German courses for fabulous people

As Hermann Hesse, the star author and proto-hippie from Württemberg in southern Germany, put it so aptly: “And in every beginning lives a magic within.” We like to think the same about a German course in Berlin, because with every new course, something very special begins.

What is it exactly?  That’s up to you, and you alone! Maybe a new phase in life will begin with the Berlin German course. Perhaps your German course in Berlin is the beginning of a myriad of new connections or even life-long friendships. The German course you attend in Berlin can very well contain the seed of a wholly new, fresh and enriching view of the world in general and Berlin in particular. No matter what your German course in Berlin ultimately kicks off, you can be sure that it will be something unusual and exciting. We guarantee you that!
For all the fabulous people!

Our German courses Berlin are geared towards all the fabulous people among those learning German: the goal-orientated, the dreamers, the creatives and the pragmatists, LGBTQIA* and cis, workers and students. Our German courses are geared towards Berlin and the world. Our German courses are German courses for fabulous people. Because we are Berlin and Berlin is fabulous!

Our German courses Berlin are also available online directly to you at home! Check out our online German classes.

German courses for fabulous people

Gender-sensitive, diverse: German course Berlin

Of course, it is essential to master the German language in order to live in Germany. More importantly, a German course is necessary to actively participate in society, to shape it, and for a sense of well-being. A German course Berlin is therefore an essential part of your entry into life in Germany. The aim of a deutSCHule German course is not just to equip you with a solid knowledge of the German language and culture, in order to prepare you for everyday life and work in Berlinor any other part of Germany. Our German courses achieve more than that. Because you deserve more than that.

Through our German course Berlin, we want to actively support the empowerment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, inter* and queer people. This is why we have created a support program with our gender sensitive German courses, which will help you settle into your new surroundings in Berlin. Only through a sensitive and considered use of language is it possible to engage with each other in a sensitive and respectful way. That’s why, for a German course Berlin and the deustSCHule are the right choice!

A German Course in Berlin – more than just studies

Take a deeper look at your City

That’s why you should choose not just for your life but also for your German course, Berlin as your center. If you decide to move to Berlin, you will soon find out that there are lots of super exciting things to see and lots of very special experiences to make. And a German course in Berlin does not seem to be one of those. But sooner or later you will find out that it is much more intense to become part of the Berlin scene than just being a spectator. That is the right moment to start your Berlin German Course at the deutSCHule. You will find out in our Courses: German is the only true key to Berlin and you have to do it with an intensive German course. Even though a lot of people in Berlin do not speak any proper German. To understand the mentality of the city, to take a deeper look behind all those historical fronts there´s no better way than a German Course Berlin at the deutSCHule.

German Course Berlin: Overview of our German Intensive Courses


German Course Berlin: Why you should attend...


The fact that a German course in Berlin is the beginning of something special should be reason enough to sign up with die deutSCHule in Neukölln and start a German course in Berlin straight away. After all, who would consider taking a German course in Berlin to be pointless or, even worse, a waste of their precious time?

But there are many other reasons for taking part in a Berlin German course as well. Here are, without further delay, the five most important reasons for attending a German course in Berlin:

Reason 1: You’re staying in Berlin.

Right, big surprise! If you take part in a German course in Berlin, then this German course naturally takes place in Berlin. And Berlin really is the place to be! Hand on heart, isn’t this exactly where you crave to spend your time? Here in this pulsating world metropolis, where light and shadow intermingle more dramatically than in all the expressionist films of the 1920s? By attending a German course in Berlin, you have the chance to do so!

Reason 2: You’re meeting new people.

Ten to twelve students take part in every Berlin German course. They come from all corners of the world to be a part of this very German course in Berlin. So the chances to see completely new, untouched faces on this German course in Berlin are not bad. Attending a German course in Berlin is probably the best way for the lonely to meet friends and for the curious to have new experiences.

Reason 3: You’re expanding your horizons.

The Berlin course for German opens your eyes: through the language; through learning together; through the unusual participants of the German course Berlin; through the fascinating German course teachers, and so on and so forth. Everything you experience during your German course in Berlin will pierce you to the bone. After the German course in Berlin, nothing will ever be the same again. Guaranteed!

Reason 4: You get to know your limits.

Yes, you heard right. If you attend a German course in Berlin, you will hit your limits. This is often painful, sometimes discouraging, but incredibly important! Nobody who has had this experience in a Berlin German course will want to do without it. You may not have to take a German course in Berlin to gain this experience, but it’s probably one of the best ways to do it. And it’s certainly something that the participants of a German course in Berlin, later on, will remember with pleasure.

Those were already four pretty good reasons for attending a German course in Berlin. But the fifth and by far most important motivation for taking part in a Berlin German course right now is this:

Reason 5: You’re learning German.

Yes, that may sound trivial now. But it’s not. By taking a German course in Berlin you will learn a language that has been used to formulate some of the world’s most influential thoughts: philosophical, mathematical, artistic, psychological, physical and literary, to name but a few. And you can do that as well. If you take part in a Berlin German course, you will soon be able to express your own thoughts and opinions in German. So do it now! Register for a German course in Berlin and start speaking German!


If these reasons haven’t convinced you yet, or you’re still debating whether to enroll in an intensive course, we offer a variety of possibilities. Consider our conversation courses, designed to stretch your language skills to the limits of the most unpronounceable German words. Or, if you believe your hand has become obsolete from the sheer effort of attempting to speak, explore our grammar and writing courses.

Our students are never disappointed with these courses, which focus on exclusive abilities to assist you precisely where you face the most challenges


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Berlin by night - evening German courses Berlin

get lost in the berlin nights not in your german course

Would you like to take a German course in Berlin, but during the day you are too busy? Then we have got the perfect solution: with our evening German courses Berlin will not lose any of its appeal. You can still take care of business, learn German in an evening course and enjoy Berlin by night. And who knows the best places to get lost in? Our teachers of the evening German courses Berlin.

You live in Berlin – this is your German Course Berlin


In a Berlin German course, you learn German – of course. So far, so good. But what exactly does that mean? If you want to book a German course in Berlin, but are still hesitant because you don’t really know what you will learn in a German course in Berlin, then one can only say: you’re dead lucky! The question of what is on the curriculum in a Berlin German course is answered below.

In your German course in Berlin, you will first learn how to build and use simple sentences. “Simple” here only means that in this phase of your German course in Berlin you will only use main clauses: subordinate clauses do not play a role yet. Attributes are also not on the table yet in your German course in Berlin.

Nevertheless, you will be able to do a lot after only three or four weeks of your Berlin German course: introduce yourself, talk about your family and ask and answer simple questions.

High tempo – higher efficiency – Berlin style German course

After that, your German language classes in Berlin rapidly pick up speed. But beware! Some participants get dizzy by the high tempo of a Berlin German course! So hold on tight and be careful, because in no time at all you and your fellow participants will race through the topics and contents of the Berlin German course. Syntax, morphology, vocabulary – everything down to the smallest detail will be made understandable in your German course in Berlin.

Of course, a German course in Berlin will also teach you how to use the language. Throughout the Berlin German course, we will stage all imaginable communicative scenes so that you and the others can practice speaking the German language. In this way, you will learn the language quickly and effectively during your German course in Berlin. What more could one ask? Register now for a Berlin German course at die deutSCHule in Berlin-Neukölln!

German Course Berlin: Overview of our Special German Courses


The bottom line is clear - Start Your German Course today!


Learning German in a German course in Berlin is great fun, almost more fun than being able to speak German. The right place to do this is at die deutSCHule, which offers excellent German courses in Berlin. Here you can meet new friends and make amazing things happen. So why are you hesitating? Register now for a German course in Berlin! You have nothing to lose but your fear!