German Intensive Courses Berlin

Intensive german courses from A1 to C1

So you made up your mind and decided to take an intensive German language course in Berlin. Lucky you! For what could be more enjoyable than learning the German language in a German course in Berlin?

The intensive German courses offered by the deutSCHule in Berlin-Neukölln are probably most suitable for your purposes. Because in these courses, you learn German unusually intensively. And our German courses are remarkably effective, too! By taking our intensive German courses, you will dive into the German language and gradually immerse yourself in the German way of life and thinking. An intensive experience that no one should miss!

There are a few things you should be aware of before you start an intensive German course in Berlin. This page provides information about the intensive German courses at the deutSCHule in Berlin-Neukölln. Here you will learn all about the intensive courses in which you can learn the German language quickly, effectively and systematically. Specifically, you will find out more about the following points:

  1. What is the difference between German intensive courses and other courses?
  2. Should I attend an intensive German course?
  3. Aren’t intensive German courses too stressful?
  4. German Intensive Course Berlin: Learn German effectively!

Did you ever ask yourself these questions? Then just read on!

1. Intensive German courses compared to regular German courses – what is the difference?

Of course, all German courses – no matter if they take place in Berlin or somewhere else – teach you the German language. And yet not all courses are the same. Some German courses in Berlin may take place two or three evenings a week. Or, perhaps, on weekends. These are the regular German courses. And they differ quite a bit from the intensive German courses.

Unlike regular courses, German intensive courses take place four days a week. Non-stop. From Tuesday to Friday, in winter as well as in summer, come rain or come shine… In this way, you can devote yourself entirely to the German language and quickly learn the German vocabulary and grammar. In the intensive German courses, you can also experience the mentality of the Germans and deal intensively with German culture. After all, those who have decided to take an intensive German course with us and attend this course in Berlin four times a week.

Intensive German courses are highly effective because they let you speak and listen to German, read German and write German, nearly every single day. You also get homework every day you spend at school. By solving these tasks, you can practice what you have learned in the German course and repeat it at the same time. This is how you learn German effectively!

The deutSCHule has been offering intensive courses in Berlin-Neukölln for years. We are experts on intensive German courses!

2. Should I take an intensive German course Berlin?

If you ever considered taking a German language course in Berlin, you have most likely already asked yourself: should I go for a German intensive course? Or should I rather take a regular German course in Berlin?

Here are three types of learners who should definitely consider taking an intensive course:

  1. If you want to learn German quickly and effectively, and if you are looking for a particularly intensive experience, then an intensive German course is certainly the ideal choice for you.
  2. An intensive German course is also the best option if you like to focus exclusively on one subject at a time and learn things in a methodical, systematic and thorough manner.
  3. Finally, a German intensive course is just the right thing for you if you want to immerse yourself completely in the German language and really devote yourself to a high-intensity German course, without annoying breaks or distractions.

Does any of the three descriptions fit you? Then you should probably attend an intensive German course.

3. Intensive German Courses Berlin – aren't they too stressful?

German lessons four days a week! Three hours a day! Isn’t that too stressful? I’m in Berlin for crying out loud! A cosmopolitan city with a vibrant subculture and an infinite number of clubs and bars. How am I supposed to find the time to attend a German intensive course?

Well, the truth is that taking part in a German intensive course takes a lot of time and energy. The pace is high and you have to learn a lot of vocabulary and new grammar every day, for weeks and months. This is why they are called intensive German courses!

But it’s really only stressful if you let yourself be distracted. Of course, you can do a lot in Berlin. Berlin’s cultural offer alone is huge and often of such high quality that the citizens of other metropolises both in Germany and other countries envy us Berliners.

Still, this doesn’t have to stop you from participating in an intensive German course. On the contrary! When you think about it, isn’t it nicer to lose yourself in Berlin’s nightlife after you have devoted yourself intensively to learning German for a full day? And the best thing is: with your new German language skills, you can make discoveries in Berlin that you never thought were possible. And in this way experience Berlin even more intensively!

4. German intensive courses Berlin: Learn German effectively!

Conclusion: an intensive German course is a very effective way to learn German in Berlin. After all, there simply is no other German course in Berlin where you will deal so intensively with the German language. As a result, you will quickly reach a high level. In an intensive German course, you will methodically expand your vocabulary. And you will deal intensively with the syntax and morphology of the beautiful German language.

Sounds tempting? Then go ahead and register for an intensive German course at the deutSCHule in Berlin-Neukölln! You won’t regret it!