German A1 course


You have little or no previous knowledge of the German language?

Then German A1 is your course of choice.

... German A1 as in absolute beginner

starting in Berlin

All beginnings are difficult and you have to start somewhere – even in Berlin. But don’t worry: in our small classes, with a maximum of 18 students, the teachers have time for everyone. Step-by-step you will learn your first sentences in German using practical real-life examples: you will introduce yourself to the other course participants, ask for directions (after all, even in Berlin there are people who don’t speak English) or arrange your first, fictitious dentist appointment in the capital.

Not sure if you are at level German A1 or maybe already at level A2? Have a look at our short placement video:

From zero to A1 German

learn German in eight weeks

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Like all of our courses, German A1 is an intensive course, i.e. 16 lessons per week, Tuesday to Friday, plus homework. Sound like a lot of work? After eight weeks there is already the possibility of taking a final examination and receiving an internationally-recognised certificate for A1 German.


Our qualified teachers will give you 12 units from the textbook Netzwerk neu. Deutsch als Fremdsprache A1 (Klett-Verlag), which provides an everyday introduction to the German language. This way you will get to know the colloquial German language and get to practice some formal communication as well. Also, the classes are held in German right from the start – simply because this is the quickest way to learn.

The A1 German vocabulary put to practical use

You’re hesitant to use your German because you’re afraid of making mistakes? That is quite normal and there’s really nothing to worry about! Nobody speaks German in Berlin anyway… And as the name German language course suggests, active speaking plays an important role and is practised both in partner and group exercises. This will give you self-confidence and reassurance, as everyone in your course is still on the starting line, just like you. Of course, the course also includes the necessary grammar. Life is too short to learn German grammar? Total nonsense! Step-by-step you will be guided into the jungle of the German language structure and the theory is always accompanied by practical tasks. So “get ready for the meatballs!” as the Berliners say.

Learn German A1 Berlin; student standing in front of die deutSCHule

Language level German A1

What exactly does A1 mean? The guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages state that you should acquire a basic vocabulary in order to be able to speak and write about simple, concrete things. It’s all about terms and phrases relevant to your daily life and environment – friends and family, work, shopping and so on. You will get to know simple sentence structures to express yourself when you are in need of or looking for something specific.

Furthermore, German A1 can be divided into the language levels A1.1 and A1.2. So if you already know some German or had a German language course some time ago, then maybe A1.2 would be the right course for you.

Info about our A1 German intensive course from January 2024 (Tuesday - Friday)

8 weeks
16 lessons per week

course times:
09.15 – 12.30
13.15 – 16.30
17.00 – 20.15

A1-German Certificate after Exam (CEFR)

279€ (4 weeks)
558€ (8 weeks)

96€ Exam (CEFR) internal students
136€ Exam (CEFR) external students