German for advanced learners


So you already have sufficient knowledge of German to be able to manage your everyday life in Berlin. But now you want to take your game to the next level. German small talk at the club or bar is no longer enough for you – you have a craving for profound conversations with your German friends! Or maybe you are finally ready to begin your studies at a German university. Whatever your reason, one of our advanced German courses is just the thing for you! In our intensive, intermediate courses, you will learn more than just basics. In addition to new grammatical phenomena, the programme also includes the repetition and deepening of lessons already learned. To make sure things don’t get boring, our teachers build up their classes around current topics from society, art, culture and politics. This way you expand your German vocabulary to a level for advanced learners.

Advanced German learners get more out of Berlin


The better your German is, the better you will be able to understand Germany. Why do people so rarely hug each other? Why is there always at least one law and one office for everything? And why do German words sometimes get longer and longer, while the sentences get shorter and shorter? If you speak German at an advanced level, you will gradually come to understand these peculiarities of Germany and the German language. You may even begin to like them! And Berlin also has its very German side. Have you ever been fooled by a bus driver? Or did the barkeeper at Treptow Harbor pour syrup into your wheat beer? What the hell is that all about? Find out with an intensive German course for advanced learners at the deutSCHule in Berlin! Further information about our German level B1, B2 and C1 courses can be found here.

Advanced use of the German language from B1 onwards


At the German elementary level, i.e. the courses A1, A2 and B1, you learn the basics of the German language. At the intermediate level – these are the German courses for advanced learners – you take a big step forward. You start talking about your dreams, hopes and aspirations. And these surely are topics that drive people, especially in Berlin – the capital of good intentions. Later you will learn to use your advanced German language skills to further your social and professional life as well as your education or studies. Does that sound like a dream to you? Then you should definitely come to us! Because at the deutSCHule, we make dreams come true on a regular basis!