Learning German for foreigners


Are you a foreigner in Germany looking to learn German effectively? Then the deutSCHule is the right school for you. Being a foreigner in a new country or a new city is never easy. And Berlin, where so many cultures and languages come together, is a particularly difficult place for foreigners to learn German. So it’s important that your language school at least places value on absolutely correct German. At the deutSCHule, the teaching language is German and German only. In this way, no pupil is favoured or disadvantaged. German is, after all, the language you as a foreigner have chosen to learn. This is the only way to learn German effectively.

Learn German in German in Berlin


Only German is spoken in the German courses at the deutSCHule. Our courses are attended by students from almost every country in the world, and they all have a common goal. They want to learn a language together. And so that learning German for foreigners is equally fair and effective for all participants, the language of instruction must be the one that nobody in the class has yet mastered. And that language is German. There are, of course, also models of teaching where German is taught in another language. If, for example, you had German lessons in school when you were a child, it probably took place in your mother tongue. However, your class did not consist of foreigners who wanted to learn German in Germany. And the class was far more linguistically homogeneous than it could ever be at a language school in Berlin. That’s why all foreigners learn German in German at the deutSCHule.

Learning German as a foreigner in Berlin


Hand on heart, how often have you really been confronted with German in Berlin? In most situations, you’ll get by just fine with English, Arabic or Turkish. And when a real Berliner starts to speak German, even someone from Hanover only understands half of it. The Berlin dialect is very special. For the native German speaker just as much as for the foreigner, there’s hardly any chance of a real conversation. In the deutSCHule, however, you will learn to use the German language consciously, confidently and above all correctly. If you learn diligently, your German will soon not only be better than that of other foreigners in Berlin, but you will be perceived as a German rather than as a dialect-speaking native Berliner.