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Berlin is a great city for German lessons. But Berlin is also a great city to live, work and play in. Open-minded, eccentric and covered in graffiti, it’s a colourful, vibrant and expressive city with amazing street art and some of the coolest people you’ll ever come across. There’s an incredible and varied food scene, an awesome electronic music scene, exciting flea markets, hidden indie shops and galleries, and truly spectacular nightclubs where you can party 24/7. And who doesn’t love German beer? In Berlin, you can enjoy it pretty much anywhere: on the street, in public transport, by the canals or in one of the thousands of parks spread out over the city.

No wonder people from all over the world come here to experience the unique Berlin flair! And as in every young, modern, multicultural city, it’s fairly easy for an English-speaking person to get by without speaking a word of German in Berlin.

You can buy your Club Mate, Currywurst or Döner Kebab without a problem, even make small talk with strangers in the speak-easy bars. But where’s the fun in that? And how much of Berlin do you really experience? By taking German lessons in Berlin, you will get so much more out of this crazy, dazzling, sexy city! And who knows? Maybe you will fall in love so hard with the German capital and language that you decide to stay in Berlin for good.

German Lessons Berlin: Taking German Lessons...

to prepare for your life, work and studies in Berlin and Germany

Located in the heart of Neükölln, the most pulsing and trendy district of Berlin, die deutSCHule offers professional German language lessons in Berlin at all levels from A1 to C1. Since 2011, our experienced and highly motivated teachers have taught thousands of students from across the globe to master the, admittedly weird, yet endlessly fascinating German language. Whether you want to take German lessons in Berlin to make your everyday life just a little bit easier and connect with people on a more personal level, get a job in Berlin or elsewhere in Germany or start studying at a German university, you will find our German language lessons in Berlin ideal for the purpose. We also offer preparatory courses for the most important German exams, such as the TestDaF or telc, which are required to be admitted into Germany’s higher education system. Moreover, you can take these exams to prove your knowledge of German as a foreign language right here with us in die deutSCHule in Berlin Neukölln!

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and experience the real magic of berlin

At die deutSCHule in Berlin, we believe that learning German shouldn’t be a luxury for the wealthy few. We believe that German is for everyone, just like Berlin is. Therefore, our German lessons in Berlin are more than reasonably priced. In fact, you probably can’t find more affordable German lessons in Berlin. And by affordable, we do not mean cheap! With us, you will learn to speak and write German quickly and effectively, and have a lot of fun and interesting experiences while doing so! But that’s not all. We really want to make your experience with us a very special one. As our phenomenal and entertaining teachers know Berlin inside out, they will not only give you German lessons in Berlin, but also valuable and exciting tips for your everyday life in Berlin. We also like to organise barbecue parties on our sunny roof terrace or in some nearby park, where you can get to know your teacher and fellow classmates better.

Of course, you can also do this in our cosy deutSCHule Café, where we serve delicious snacks and the best organic coffee in Berlin. To really make you feel at home in Berlin, we also organise class excursions to various sites of historical, political and cultural interest. If you take part in our highly popular conversation course “>Format D:“, you will get to do this every week! And the best part is that it all comes for free with our German lessons in Berlin!

Berlin - Where history and stories are everywhere

German lessons Berlin; Students working with their German books

It is, of course, possible to learn German in other places as well, both in Germany and abroad. But when it comes to immersing yourself in the German language and culture, there really is no place like Berlin. Here, history is present everywhere, from the gruesome remains of the Berlin Wall and Hitler’s bunker, to the vast and labyrinthine Holocaust Memorial. You will find the debris of the 20th century’s most important events scattered all over the city, and hear stories about them on every street corner. At die deutSCHule in Berlin Neukölln, we will not only help you to understand these stories, but also present you with some of the most initiated and fascinating storytellers of Berlin. In our German lessons, Berlin will come to life in real and captivating dialogue, with eyewitnesses of the past as well as activists of the present.

Why? Because at die deutSCHule in Neukölln, we believe that the best way to learn a new language is through engaging, immersing conversations about the culture, politics and history of the society it is spoken in. And this is precisely what you will get when taking part in our German lessons. Berlin has so much more to offer than the theoretical knowledge of the German language. With us, you get a full, hands-on experience along with practical tools and the instinctive know-how to use them. And we make sure you have the time of your life while learning German. So why hesitate? The sooner you sign up for our German language lessons in Berlin, the sooner you will be able to truly experience the magical atmosphere of Berlin and fully appreciate its many wild and bizarre stories!