The German B2 exam in Berlin


Are you also one of those people who gets all tingly when they think of the Berlin B2 exam that you can take at die deutSCHule? Then you belong to a sworn community of aficionados that have a common and very exciting goal: to pass the German examination “B2 Deutschprüfung” of die deutSCHule.

This test is not for wimps. This Berlin exam can only be passed by those who speak German at level B2. And this level is already quite advanced! Not only do you have to master the content of the basic level, which you learned in the German courses at die deutSCHule in Neukölln. Before you take the German B2 exam in Berlin, you must also have demonstrated an intimate knowledge of topics such as causal and consecutive clauses and passive forms. The Berlin B2 exam also expects you to have extensive knowledge of the German dictionary.

The B2 exam in Berlin demands your utmost, at least as far as your knowledge of German is concerned. It’s almost like a nocturnal pub crawl through the rough and dark parts of Berlin. That’s why many people all over the world love, admire and, yes, fear the Berlin B2 exam of die deutSCHule. Just like everything else that isn’t boring and monotonous, this German examination in Berlin is exciting and just a little bit dangerous!

The structure of the German B2 exam in Berlin


The German exam “B2 Deutschprüfung” determines if your German is at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). You prove your level by demonstrating your skills in all four language competency areas: reading, listening, writing and speaking.

Of course, this is not only the case with the German B2 exam in Berlin. The division into four examination parts is a common feature in all types of B2 exams, be they German examinations or examinations in other languages.

This makes perfect sense. All examination experts in Berlin and other cities across the globe agree on this, and surprisingly enough, regardless of whether they are experts on German B2 exams or not. After all, the evaluation of your results in the B2 exam concerns your knowledge of German, or more generally speaking, a foreign language. Still, the opinion that German language skills, especially those that are supposed to meet the B2 level, should be determined and assessed in different areas is widely accepted, not only in Berlin, but all over the world.

Receptive and productive parts of the Berlin B2 exam


So if you want to prove that you speak German at level B2, then you must not only show that you can read German B2 texts. You must also prove that you can extract relevant information from listening materials that are grammatically and lexically at the B2 level. This is also part of a German B2 exam in Berlin and affects the structure of the German B2 examination at die deutSCHule.

However, the two receptive language skills – reading and listening – that enable you to understand German in Berlin, are by no means everything! Let’s have a quick look at the productive part of the Berlin B2 exam so that our fast run-through of the receptive and productive parts of a B2 exam doesn’t come to a standstill.

While the receptive parts of a B2 exam require you to demonstrate your ability to understand German reading and listening materials with a characteristic B2 complexity, the productive parts – the written and oral expression sections – require you not only to speak but also to write texts that meet the German B2 level.

This is where the true lovers of the B2 exam in Berlin come to their right! If you belong to the growing global community of B2 nerds, for whom the sun only shines when they attend a B2 exam in Berlin or elsewhere, then you know exactly what we mean!

The texts that the participants of the B2 exam produce are so exquisitely constructed that it will satisfy any sensitive soul’s longing for a well-structured whole. The sensuality with which tones and syllables come together to express thoughts that are as sensible and clear as they can only be at B2 level – this is a pleasure that brings more and more participants in Berlin B2 exams to ecstasy.

The benefits of the B2 German exam


The B2 exam is a beautiful thing – this is something that more and more people in Berlin and around the world agree upon. Sensual and exciting, the B2 exam is the stuff of dreams.

But the best is yet to come! The German B2 examination is not only one of the brightest shining stars in the DaF universe. No! This exam, which determines German language skills at level B2 in Berlin, is also extremely useful.

If you now squeak “OMG!” and say, “So you mean the B2 exam is not only the most beautiful and best German exam since the elementary level. You seriously claim that the B2 certificate that I get when I take the B2 exam is also useful?!” Quite right! And if you think this is too good to be true, then you are as wrong as one can be, because the B2 exam in Berlin is not only a German exam that fascinates German exam lovers in general, and the B2 exam aficionados in particular. The German B2 exam is also an exam of immense benefit, as anyone who has successfully passed a German B2 examination and is now the proud owner of a B2 certificate can start sending applications to many places. Better yet, they can also start thinking about participating in the TestDaF!

By now it should be clear that the examination fee is a worthwhile investment. The German B2 exam is worth every single cent!