The German A1 exam of die deutSCHule in Berlin

The A1 exam of the deutSCHule covers the vocabulary of the beginner level A1 as well as the necessary grammatical knowledge. With the German A1 exam, you can get an A1 certificate with which you can prove that you have completed this level in Berlin. Above all, you can check your own learning level and know whether your skills are appropriate for the A1 level or whether there are any fields of words and grammar that you should repeat.

Our German A1 exam consists of four parts

A1 – Listening comprehension

The first part of the German A1 examination at the deutSCHule in Berlin is about listening comprehension. Of course, you should not analyse complete radio features but show that you can understand information in short conversations and announcements. As in the A1 course, it is also about standard situations that you will encounter in your everyday life in Berlin – situations that you can master with the completed A1 course.

A1 – Grammar

In the A1 grammar section of the deutSCHule examination in Berlin, you show what grammatical skills you have learned so far. It’s all about using the right articles and the right sentence structure. Of course, the tasks aren’t abstract but in a context that you have already trained in the A1 lessons and that has to do with your concrete everyday life in Berlin. If you manage this part, you have climbed the first level – the extensive and complex German grammar – and will have no problems to follow in the next German course.

A1 – Reading comprehension

Even if the A1 level is not intended for reading whole books, you will be able to read your first texts at the end of the A1 German course – and you can prove this in the exam. In our A1 exam you can determine whether your vocabulary is appropriate for the level and whether you can orient yourself in a coherent text. This skill is especially important as in Berlin you will soon find yourself in situations where you have to communicate with other people via messenger or e-mail and read and understand their messages.

A1 – Written expression

The written part of the A1 exam also deals with a very practical communication situation at A1 level. Can you read a message, understand the main content and refer to it in an answer? There are no longer texts involved in this part of the A1 exam, but it is the basis of written expression. Once you have passed this part, you will also be able to arrange a meeting in one of the countless cafés, bars, museums or galleries in Berlin without misunderstanding the time, place or anything else.

A1 German Exam


With the A1 German exam, you have taken the first hurdle and proved to yourself and your teacher that you have successfully completed the A1 course. If the A1 course marks the end of your stay in Berlin, you can continue your studies with the certificate in any other school all over the world. Whether in China, Mexico or Russia, the A1 certificate from the deutSCHule in Berlin will allow you to progress. Of course, the Deutsch A1 exam strictly complies with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Thus, you can be 100 % sure that your A1 German has an absolutely adequate level. Not only as A1 German in Berlin.