Learn to speak German in Berlin


Have you been planning to learn to speak German for a long time? All of your friends in Berlin can communicate reasonably well in German. Whether it’s in a shop, at the Bürgeramt, in the bar, in conversation with the landlord or the German parents-in-law, people will always be just a little more friendly if you at least try to have the conversation in German. Of course, it’s a bit awkward in the beginning to use a new language. You begin thinking, “What if I make a mistake?” or “You don’t understand me anyway,” which is what every student who starts learning German thinks. But you’ll see that by just speaking a few words in German, you’ll put a smile on the face of every grumpy Berliner.

You get out what you put in


Maybe it has struck you as somewhat odd that in some places in Berlin people speak English or another foreign language rather than German. At first, this is really surprising because Berlin is the capital of Germany, so you would expect that everyone here has learned to speak German. Well, that’s not the case. Like no other major European city, Berlin offers the opportunity to “survive” practically without any knowledge of German. However, it’s highly doubtful that this is advantageous for social integration. When people do not understand each other because they do not speak the same language, there are often misunderstandings and even conflicts. Learning to speak German is, therefore, crucial in our opinion, even when you live in Berlin.

Entertain real conversations in German


Berlin can be entertaining in an endless number of ways; hearing all the languages of the world spoken on the streets is just one of them. But when it comes to entertaining a good conversation in German, newcomers to Berlin will find themselves in a tough spot. Although you may already have made some good progress learning to speak German, you lack the right dialogue partner for an evening-long conversation. You usually can’t get beyond small talk when engaged in the Berlin nightlife, and it often takes place in English. At the deutSCHule, classes are held exclusively in German, meaning that you get to practice German oral expression regularly and thus learn to speak German both quickly and effectively. And if that’s not enough for you, our conversation course >Format D: gives you the opportunity to practice speaking German on intermediate- to advanced-level topics three days a week.