The German C1 exam in Berlin


The German C1 exam of die deutSCHule in Berlin is something for summit strikers! After the gentle mountain hike of the basic level, and the brave climbing and hanging on the cliffs of the intermediate level, you can now finally prove that you have what it takes to reach the very peak of German exams and conquer it by storm!

How beautiful it will be! After the Berlin C1 exam, you will stand on top of the mountain and breathe the clear summit air deep into your lungs. What more could one ask from a German exam? For the peak performer, the C1 exam in Berlin really has everything; it’s an exam for people who demand a real challenge from their German exams in Berlin. And this C1 examination is as challenging as it gets at the Berlin deutSCHule in the Neukölln district!

The structure of the Berlin C1 exam


First of all, what is the structure of the German C1 exam offered by die deutSCHule in Berlin on a monthly basis?

As with all German examinations, the C1 exam consists of a written and an oral section. The written section of the Berlin C1 exam has four parts in which you can prove that your knowledge of German actually corresponds to the C1 level. These parts are “Grammar,” “Reading comprehension,” “Listening comprehension” and “Written expression.”

The written examination, part I: Grammar

In the first part of the German C1 exam, you solve grammar problems. The topics are typical for the C1 level. The nominal and verbal styles play a key role, and so does the usage of verbs with an ancillary function. These are all topics that you have already dealt with intensively in your German C1 course in Berlin. So it makes a lot of sense that they also appear in your C1 German exam.

The written examination, part II: Reading comprehension

The “Reading comprehension” part of the Berlin C1 exam contains tasks that assess how well you can extract information from complex texts. In this part of the German C1 exam at die deutSCHule, you will first read a text and then answer some tricky questions about it. This will allow you to prove your reading comprehension in the C1 exam. Given the complexity of the texts used in a German C1 examination in Berlin and elsewhere, this is an important skill to master.

The written examination, part III: Listening comprehension

It may come as a surprise that the “Listening comprehension” part belongs to the written section of the German C1 exam. The explanation for this, which anyone interested in taking the C1 exam in Berlin should be eager to hear, is very simple: you have to write down the answers to the questions.

Although this part of the German C1 exam primarily revolves around your understanding of listening exercises at the C1 level, you do not give your answers orally, but in writing. That is why listening comprehension is also part of the written section of the German C1 exam.

The written examination, part IV: Written expression

Finally, the “Written expression” exam section! Because naturally, you have to write something that is recognisable as text, even in the Berlin C1 exam. In the C1 exam of die deutSCHule, you will be asked to produce a nice and coherent text in German and to write it in such a way that it has a clearly recognisable structure.

Of course, it’s crucial that you choose your words carefully in this part of the Berlin C1 exam. The writing task is always a discussion in which you should respond to a question or put forth an opinion. Anyone who has attended a C1 course at die deutSCHule or taken other German exams knows this.

The oral section of the German C1 exam in Berlin


If you have passed the written examination, you will be admitted to the oral C1 examination. Here, you can finally get everything that you know about the topic of the German C1 exam in Berlin off your chest.

Of course, that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people get nervous before their oral German exam in Berlin. The reason for this is often fear: the fear of not passing the C1 exam, for example, or the fear of having to talk to other people in the Berlin C1 exam.

But there is no need to freak out and panic! Neither here, in the oral part of the examination, nor at the other parts of the German C1 exam in Berlin. In the end, all it takes to pass the Berlin C1 exam is thorough preparation, which you will get in one of our excellent German C1 courses at die deutSCHule in Neukölln.

die deutSCHule, the C1 exam and you

A German examination for life

In short: With the German C1 exam, you can’t go wrong! By taking a German exam in Berlin, you prove that your German is good enough for studying in Berlin or anywhere else in the German-speaking world.

The C1 exam is a German exam for life! So make the most of it and register for the Berlin C1 examination at die deutSCHule right now!