The German B1 exam of die deutSCHule in Berlin


There are many German examinations – not only in Berlin but also in Moscow, Beijing and New York. Some German exams have more fans than others; this is just like with many other things. Pizza toppings, for example, are also more or less popular. Tomatoes, mozzarella and basil find many friends, whereas very few swear by boiled ham and pineapple. So it’s not really surprising that one German examination in Berlin is more popular than another. So far, so normal.

So which German exam is the most popular then? There is no dividing line here: everyone agrees it’s the B1 exam! The B1 examination is by far the most popular German exam. A lot of people want to take a German B1 examination in Berlin. And after taking this German language exam, they usually feel great about having done so. They praise and recommend the Berlin B1 exam to their friends.

So it’s high time to take a closer look at the B1 exam in Berlin. What makes this exam so popular, and what’s so special about this Berlin exam? Let’s go on a journey, a journey through the wonderful world of the German B1 exam in Berlin. Please join us and take part in this German B1 exam adventure – you won’t regret it!

The German B1 examination in Berlin


First of all, we will deal with the biggest and most important feature of the B1 examination in Berlin, that is the quality that makes this German examination something really special. What sets the Berlin German B1 exam apart from the dull and grey of the everyday life is without a doubt this one fact: if you manage to pass the B1 examination in Berlin successfully, you have – very solemnly and officially – completed the basic level of German. Also, you have proved that you are ready for a new chapter, namely the intermediate level.

In other words, the German B1 exam means a kind of farewell. And when you say goodbye, your heart can get all achy. That’s nothing to feel ashamed about. After all, it’s something deeply human to feel sad after a loss. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, especially when it concerns something as beautiful as the German B1 exam in Berlin.

You see, the Berlin B1 exam really is something to write home about! Just consider the exquisite paper, on which the passing of the B1 examination Berlin is fixed for posterity: the stamp of die deutSCHule, which lends the paper the dignity of a highly official document, certifying the successful participation in the German B1 exam in Berlin; and then the assured momentum of the signatures, which make the certificate of the Berlin B1 examination legally binding. All this signals: “Attention! The German B1 exam in Berlin is something quite exceptional!”

And rightly so, because this German B1 exam proves that your German is already quite good. So good, to be exact, that you can find your way in almost any situation when travelling through Germany. This is exactly what the Berlin B1 German exam certifies. And being able to do what the Berlin German B1 exam certifies is something great – and certainly something that no one who hasn’t learned enough German to take the B1 Berlin exam can do.

The Berlin B1 exam for yesterday, today and tomorrow


The B1 exam in Berlin is your ticket to a whole new life. And once you obtain this ticket, it’s yours to keep: what was valid yesterday is also valid today and will remain so tomorrow. The German examination B1 certifies that you have passed the basic level with flying colours and are now ready to set off to new shores: the intermediate level, which awaits you after the B1 examination in Berlin.

And what a great new life it is that awaits you, on the wild and stormy shores of intermediate German! Once you have passed the Berlin B1 exam, you can finally set sail for it: a brave new world of nominal and verbal styles, of relative clauses and participial attributes, of the infinitives of the past in active and passive form, and many other strange creatures.

You will be amazed once you have passed the German B1 examination. Your world in Berlin will no longer be the same as it was before you took the B1 German exam. It will change and bend, stretch and morph into something you couldn’t even imagine when you registered for the Berlin B1 exam.

There’s still time for procrastination tomorrow. Now is the time for the German B1 exam in Berlin!

Have no fear of the B1 exam Berlin!


Maybe you have already experienced this: the fear of an exam like the German B1 examination in Berlin. Exam anxiety can manifest itself in stage fright or nervousness. Both are equally unpleasant, especially if you are about to take a German B1 exam in Berlin. The palms of your hands get wet, your heart beats like crazy and your mouth gets so dry that it feels like you’ve got the whole Gobi Desert in there!

It doesn’t have to be like that. Nobody who takes a German exam in Berlin has to suffer from stage fright or restricted salivation for fear of the B1 exam in Berlin. On the contrary! The German B1 exam in Berlin is sweet and friendly. There is no reason to freak out and panic because of the Berlin B1 exam.

In order to prevent the examination anxiety or stage fright that you might face before taking the German B1 exam in Berlin, there are all kinds of medicinal herbs you can use. You can find out which ones grow where before or after registering for the Berlin B1 exam. For sure, you will score higher on the B1 German exam if you have taken precautions against nervousness before and during your B1 exam in Berlin.

So if you want to take a German B1 exam in Berlin, there is no need to be afraid. You can confidently register for the German examination B1 and take part in this German exam in Berlin.

We promise you: alles wird gut!