Who needs a visa?

Citizens of EU countries do not need a visa to enter the Federal Republic of Germany. Citizens of non-EU countries commonly need a visa for stays in Germany. Citizens of countries for which the European Community has lifted the visa requirement, in most cases, do not need a visa. On the website of the Federal Foreign Office, you will find all of the information you need about the visa regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany – including a list of states that require a visa.

Citizens of countries requiring a visa must apply for the visa at the appropriate German diplomatic mission before entering Germany, even if the stay is shorter than three months. The visa must also be approved in Germany by the appropriate immigration authority. As a rule, citizens of the EU and EEA states as well as Switzerland, Australia, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Canada, New Zealand and the USA, who can obtain the residence permit from the immigration authority even after entry, are excluded. If you have any questions regarding entry, residence, studies or employment in Berlin, please visit the website of the Berlin Immigration Office.

How do you apply for a visa?

You must submit your visa application in person to the diplomatic mission or consular post in your place of residence, together with all the necessary documents. Please contact the German Embassy in your home country at an early stage to find out about the terms and requirements. It is quite common that the application process takes up to four months.

How do I get a visa for language learning?

You must apply for a language acquisition visa before entering the country at the responsible diplomatic mission abroad. The appropriate immigration authority in Germany must also give its consent. Exceptions are nationals of EU and EEA countries as well as Switzerland, Australia, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Canada, New Zealand and the USA, who can obtain a residence permit from the immigration authority even after entry. To apply for a language acquisition visa, please register for a German course (DaF) at the deutSCHule GmbH. After you have registered and paid for the course, we will send you the official confirmation of your registration by post. You have to include the original of this certificate to the embassy when you submit your visa application.

Please note that you must prove that your stay in Germany is financially secured. You are not allowed to claim any public funds for your visit. If you cannot finance your travel and accommodation by your own means, a host residing in Germany may also commit to bear all costs arising from your stay in Germany. The immigration authority at the inviting person’s place of residence is responsible for such a declaration of obligation.

How do I get the certificate for submission to the German Embassy?

We will send you the certificate by post as soon as we have received the course and registration fees on our account.

Is a faxed certificate sufficient for the visa application?

That depends on the embassy. Please ask the German Embassy in your home country for more information.

What happens if my visa application is rejected?

If you are the holder of a contract from the deutSCHule, please send the original rejection notice of your visa application and our original certificate as well as all documents you have received from us back to the deutSCHule GmbH. We will then refund the course fees minus the registration fee and an administration fee of 19% of the agreed course fee.