Learn to write German in Berlin


Do you already speak German a mile a minute? You can understand your German friends without a problem and chatter away about almost every important topic, from B like Berghain to W like Weather, but writing a correct text is still very difficult for you. You still rely on your German friends to correct your email reply to the invitation to a job interview for that student job in Berlin. And somehow when writing that subordinate clause, you always end up choosing the wrong position for the predicate, which can be so freely varied in speech. Then it sounds like it’s time to learn how to write German like a pro. And in Berlin, there is hardly a better place to learn this than in the deutSCHule. We help you raise the bar of your German written expression to the academic level.

Write correct and beautiful German


Writing a text in German is easy. Writing a grammatically correct text in German is a different story. But mastering the written expression is really the crowning achievement of any German language-learning career. There are countless German writing courses in Berlin. Most of them put a lot of weight on the fact that their pupils can freely live out their creativity. This may sound nice in theory, but it is hardly the way to make any real progress in improving your German writing skills. At the deutSCHule, we prefer to stress the subject of grammar. Because if you want to learn to write German, you have to know how to do it right. In our Grammar and Writing course, for example, you will deepen your knowledge of German grammar and learn how to use it constructively and elegantly in text production.

Writing German with style


Apart from being extremely useful in everyday life, knowing how to write German correctly is required if you decide to take a German examination like the TestDaF or telc to prove your German language skills. And you will have to do this if you intend to study at a German-speaking university or college. All relevant exams expect an excellent command of the German language, including its written form. Having sufficient grammatical knowledge is not enough to pass these exams. You also need a concise, high-level writing style. You will acquire this in one of our German intensive courses, and our exam preparation courses are also extensively dedicated to the topic. To pass the TestDaF or the “telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule” examination you need to take learning to write German seriously. And the deutSCHule will be happy to support you!